How Much UCSD Fin Aid Will You Qualify For?

Most students won’t pay the advertised price of a school. Instead, they will be provided with a financial aid plan that includes a mix of scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study. But some kinds of aid are more desirable than others, and some students will get more than others.

The amount of financial assistance and scholarships or grants you can get varies based on your circumstances. Keep reading to learn more to help you to know just how much aid and scholarships to expect from University of California - San Diego.

How Much Financial Assistance is Available?

University of California - San Diego's average financial aid deal for newly arriving freshman students is $24,374. Approximately 56.0% of freshman students obtain financial aid, most of which is scholarships and grants.

Minimizing the Cost

Loans technically fall under the umbrella of 'financial aid', but the only true discount off of the cost of college is a grant or scholarship that you do not have to pay back.

What About Loans?

We feel that loan debt should be regarded as an "outcome" and not "aid". Learn more on student loan debt at UCSD.

How Much Aid Is Offered in Grants & Scholarships?

The numbers plus the graph following refer to predominantly federal grants, and some local and state grants. 35.0% of freshmen at University of California - San Diego (2,322 total) received a federal grant, averaging $5,169. As well as grants, 46.0% of freshmen (3,093 total) received scholarships by the university, averaging $7,372 per student.

How are scholarships and grants given away to first years at UCSD? See the chart below.

Scholarships vs. Grants

Grants are typically need-based while scholarships are merit-based.

Amount of Financial Aid By Income Level

The table following displays scholarship and grant allocations by family income for first year students receiving any sort of federally-funded Title IV aid, which includes Federal PLUS loans.

Income LevelPercent of FreshmanAverage Assistance
Income 0-30k16.8%$23,154
Income 30k-48k9.3%$22,460
Income 48k-75k8.7%$18,363
Income 75k-110k5.3%$12,229
Income 110k +6.7%$4,376
Title IV Aid

The graph above displays students who are getting Title IV aid which is federal assistance from the government in the form of loans, grants or work-study. Learn more.

Grants & Scholarships for All Students Is $17,958

Of the 30,285 undergraduate students at University of California - San Diego about 58.0% (17,595 in total) get some kind of grant aid. The average amount awarded was $17,958.

Looking for Detail About Tuition and Fees Costs?

Visit the Tuition and Fees page or the Cost Per Credit Hour page for details.

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