Finance & Financial Management

Finance & Financial Management Related Majors

There are 8 concentrations within finance and financial management alone. For those wishing to broaden their search, finance is but one of 21 related majors within the broader business, management and marketing field of study.

Finance Focus Areas

Explore reports on the most popular concentrations finance has to offer.

Major Annual Degrees Awarded
Finance 51,777
Financial Planning & Services 771
Banking and Financial Support Services 729
Other Finance and Financial Management Services 281
Investments and Securities 132
Public Finance 28
International Finance 20
Financial Risk Management 1

Other Business, Management & Marketing Majors

The business, management and marketing program area contains 21 different majors.

Major Annual Degrees Awarded
Business Administration & Management 354,109
Accounting 83,158
General Business/Commerce 51,047
Marketing 49,747
Management Sciences & Quantitative Methods 33,254
Human Resource Management 21,798
Hospitality Management 14,277
Management Information Systems 13,071
International Business 9,016
Business/Managerial Economics 6,060
Entrepreneurial Studies 5,674
Other Business, Management & Marketing 4,651
Specialized Sales, Merchandising & Marketing 4,584
Business Support & Assistant Services 3,909
General Sales & Marketing 3,812
Construction Management 3,228
Real Estate 3,055
Insurance 1,653
Taxation 1,429
Business/Corporate Communications 925
Telecommunications Management 21

Choosing The Right Finance & Financial Management Major

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