Marine Science Related Majors

For those wishing to broaden their search, marine science is but one of 43 related majors within the broader multi / interdisciplinary studies field of study.

Other Multi / Interdisciplinary Studies Majors

The multi / interdisciplinary studies program area contains 43 different majors.

Major Annual Degrees Awarded
Other Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies 33,272
Biological & Physical Science 28,772
Interdisciplinary Studies 8,233
International Studies 7,526
Nutrition Science 4,960
Behavioral Science 3,344
Cognitive Science 2,711
Sustainability Science 2,215
Human Biology 1,599
Human Computer Interaction 1,355
Natural Sciences 1,282
Mathematics & Computer Science 1,126
Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution 1,084
Computational Science 1,052
Science, Technology & Society 1,029
Systems Theory 788
Gerontology 758
Data Analytics 683
Museum Studies 602
History and Language/Literature 356
Dispute Resolution 323
Historic Preservation 319
Cultural Studies & Analysis 290
Multicultural & Diversity Studies 275
Data Science 244
Classical & Ancient Studies 242
Biopsychology 162
Maritime Studies 53
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics 48
Holocaust Studies 47
Digital Humanities and Textual Studies 32
History and Political Science 31
Earth Systems Science 29
Geography and Environmental Studies 26
Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 18
Accounting & Computer Science 15
Mathematical Economics 11
Environmental Geosciences 11
Anthrozoology 9
Linguistics and Computer Science 6
Linguistics and Anthropology 2
Economics and Computer Science 1

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