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BYU Tuition & Fees Report

Inexpensive In-State Tuition & Fees
Inexpensive Out-of-State Tuition & Fees

How Much Does Brigham Young University - Provo Cost?

See current and projected tuition and fees for Brigham Young University - Provo, and how those expenses constrast to nationwide and regional averages. If you're looking for specific information on BYU costs, you can go to any of the following sections:

How Much Does BYU Charge for Tuition?

$6,120 In-State Tuition & Fees
$6,120 Out-of-State Tuition & Fees

The average tuition and fees at Brigham Young University - Provo for undergraduates was $6,120 a year in 2020-2021. Students from both in state and out of state paid the same price.

Tuition & Fees$6,120$0$6,120

These tuition and fees costs include one year of academic instruction, but do not cover room and board.

Keep in mind a lot of students have financial aid and scholarships that decrease the cost of college.

How much does Brigham Young University - Provo cost for part-time students?

Go to the Cost Per Credit Hour page for details.

How Do BYU Tuition & Fees Compare to Other Schools?

Nationwide, out-of-state students pay, on average, $19,933 per year in tuition and fees to attend college. Brigham Young University - Provo compares well with this national average since its average yearly cost in tuition and fees was $6,120 for out-of-state students. Note that BYU does not give any in-state discounts.

Take a look at the following chart to see how Brigham Young University - Provo compares to other schools in terms of tuition and fees.

NationwideRocky MountainsUtah
Tuition & FeesInexpensiveInexpensiveInexpensive

Note that a school may appear to be more expensive than another school when you look at tuition and fees alone, but it may actually be a better deal when you factor in financial aid packages. For more details on that, see: Brigham Young University - Provo Financial Aid.

BYU Tuition & Fees Five Year Projection

Factor Cost Increases Into Your Budget

Take note of just how much the tuition and fees are increasing yearlyl. At a log of colleges students will end up paying more for their final year of school than they did for their first.

Tuition & Fees FAQ

Discover answers to your finance concerns in the tuition & fees FAQ.

Options to Finance Your BYU Education?


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