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Entrepreneurial Studies Overview

Entrepreneurs are creative and industrious individuals who have the drive and ability to start up and run their own business. Being an entrepreneur means you are your own boss and make all the decisions. If this sounds like your dream job, a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies is an excellent way to begin. This program will teach you how to build and promote your own business. Students in this major will learn how marketing and management functions associated with owning and running their business.

Some of the concentrations available are Franchise Operations and Small Business Administration/Management. While majoring in Entrepreneurial Studies, you will take courses in Investor relations and funding, Business Ethics, Leadership and Organization, Human Resource Management, Small Business Management, and Accounting. This major is commonly offered as a Bachelors, but some institutions offer it as an Associate's degree.

Required Skills

Individuals who are highly motivated and self-starters are often found in this major. You will be the leader to a group of employees and their performance will determine if you successes or fail, therefore the ability to motivate and lead other is an important skill to possess. In order to be successful in this major you must be innovative and persistent. The ability to think of new ideas and solutions is crucial to compete with others in the marketplace.

In order to prepare for this major, students are advised to take courses in Statistics, Business, Microeconomics, Accounting, and Calculus. After completing a Bachelor's students may also have the option to continue to the Master's or Doctorate level.


Graduates with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies can do a few different things in terms of careers. While some graduates go onto start their own business, you can also find work as a Business Manager, Human Resources Manager, Management Analyst, and Top Executive. The job outlook for these careers is projected to increase during the next ten years.

The average starting salary of an Entrepreneur can vary depending on what business you go into and how successful it is. However, the average reported salary for graduates with this major is $39,096 with a mid-career salary of $85,275.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies might open up.

Business Teachers, Postsecondary
Chief Executives
General and Operations Managers
Managers, All Other
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