Teacher Education Subject Specific

Teacher Education Subject Specific Related Majors

There are 38 concentrations within teacher education subject specific alone. For those wishing to broaden their search, subject specific ed is but one of 14 related majors within the broader education field of study.

Subject Specific Ed Concentrations

Explore reports on the most popular concentrations subject specific ed has to offer.

Major Annual Degrees Awarded
Physical Education Teaching & Coaching 8,121
Reading Teacher Education 6,490
Music Education 4,761
Mathematics Education 3,395
English & Language Arts Education 3,113
Other Teacher Education & Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas 2,335
Social Studies Education 1,968
Art Education 1,837
Health Education 1,801
Science Education 1,371
Agricultural Teacher Education 1,130
Biology Education 865
History Education 804
Trade & Industrial Teacher Education 715
Technology Education 575
Social Science Teacher Education 474
Technical Teacher Education 462
Spanish Education 457
School Librarian/School Library Media Specialist 370
Modern Language Education 338
Drama & Dance Education 293
Family & Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Teacher Education 286
Chemistry Education 238
Computer Teacher Education 217
Business and Innovation/Entrepreneurship Teacher Education 185
Earth Science Teacher Education 169
Physics Education 152
Environmental Education 96
Speech Teacher Education 68
French Language Teacher Education 55
Driver & Safety Teacher Education 55
Health Occupations Teacher Education 48
Communication Arts and Literature Teacher Education 22
Distributive Education 11
German Language Teacher Education 8
Psychology Teacher Education 5
Latin Teacher Education 4
Geography Teacher Education 3

Other Education Majors

The education program area contains 14 different majors.

Major Annual Degrees Awarded
Teacher Education Grade Specific 110,226
Educational Administration 46,469
Special Education 36,792
General Education 29,810
Curriculum & Instruction 19,832
Student Counseling 13,858
Instructional Media Design 8,695
Teaching English or French 5,791
Other Education 4,858
Teaching Assistants 2,751
Educational Assessment 2,552
Multilingual Education 1,910
Education Philosophy 737
International Education 293

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