Somatic Bodywork & Therapeutic Services
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Somatic Bodywork & Therapeutic Services Overview

If you are interested in a career that allows you to work with others and help them relieve their stress, consider majoring in Somatic Bodywork and Therapeutic Services.

Students in this field take classes in kinesiology, physiology, pathology, anatomy, and massage therapy to learn the skills to massage, compress, and knead stress and tension from muscles. This will prepare you for a career in holistic medicine and allow you to help your patients find mind and body balance.

Somatic Bodywork and Therapeutic Services students typically specialize in Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage, Asian Bodywork Therapy, or Somatic Bodywork.

Required Skills

Since you will be working with a variety of patients to help them find mind-body balance and relieve their tension, it is important to have strong analytical skills to determine which types of massage and areas of the body need to be relaxed in order to improve overall well-being. Professionals should also have strong interpersonal and communication skills to understand patients' needs and make them feel comfortable in their office.

Somatic Bodywork and Therapeutic Services professionals typically work part time in salons, spas, health clubs, or clinics, but some professionals do find fulltime jobs. Professionals who are part time usually schedule appointments with patients, so they are able to make their own hours. Full time professionals work in offices and hold normal business hours.

Many professionals in the Somatic Bodywork and Therapeutic Services profession have an associate's degree or certification in the field. However, there are some colleges that offer a bachelor's degree.


Somatic Bodywork and Therapeutic Services graduates work in a variety of locations from spas, salons, and health clubs to hospitals, chiropractic offices, and other medical offices. Some professionals are self-employed and will travel to patients' homes or other locations. You will be able to work anywhere that requires the services of masseuses, massage therapists, or other bodywork specialists. The Somatic Bodywork and Therapeutic Services profession is growing at a faster than average pace, increasing the amount of jobs available to graduates.

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Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary
Massage Therapists
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