Field of Study Overview

Religion, beliefs, and traditions have played a major role in the development of cultures. Groups of people bond over a similar faiths and enjoy committing their life to living a certain way. If you are passionate about your religion and would like to help others learn about it, considering a major in the field of Theology and Religious Vocations.

Students in this field of study take classes in areas such as biblical studies, world religions, theology, philosophy, history, sociology, and literature along with specialized classes to learn how to become everything from missionaries to religious leaders to music directors.

Along with the option to major in General Theology and Religious Vocations, students are able to specialize in areas that interest them. Those interested in taking a deep dive into the Bible can major in Biblical Studies. Students more interested in evangelism and missionary work can major in Missionary Studies. Other options include Religious Education for those interested in teaching, and Sacred Music for those interested in leading worship or being a musical director. Theological and Ministerial Studies will prepare students to become ordained as a minister, while a major in Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries teaches students how to provide spiritual guidance and counseling.

Required Skills

Often, students who receive a degree in Theology and Religious Vocations pursue a career in religious organizations. This places a strong emphasis on interpersonal and communication skills. You will be working closely with other religious leaders as well as members of your congregation. Students who decide to pursue careers as missionaries will communicate daily with the general public as they spread information about their religion. Students in this field have a strong faith and a background in religious studies.

Internships, summer jobs, or volunteer work within religious organizations will prepare students for a degree in this field. You will be able to work closely with religious leaders and decide if this is a career path you would like to follow.


A degree in the many specializations within Theology and Religious Vocations can lead to a variety of careers. While many students decide to pursue a career within a church or religious organization as a counselor, minister, church or music director, or religious educator, other students have decided to go in professions such as religious historians, professors, or as employees at non-profit organizations. This degree will equip you with a deep understanding and appreciation for different world religions, preparing you for a variety of careers.

Religion plays a large role in the lives of many people both in the United States and around the world. This is allowing the field to grow at an average rate. Graduates willing to relocate will have a better chance of finding work.

Graduates with a degree in Theology and Religious Vocations earn an average starting salary of $33,962 and mid-career salary of $49,848.

Field at a Glance

  • Yearly Graduations
    (online) 4,620
    (associate) 1,296
    (bachelor) 10,861
  • Average Starting Salary
  • Average Mid-Career Salary

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Click Major to View Top CollegesPopularitySalary PotentialMajors Matcher
Biblical Studies High N/AN/A
Missionary Studies Low N/AN/A
Pastoral Counseling & Specialized Ministries Average N/AN/A
Religious Education Average N/AN/A
Sacred Music Low N/AN/A
Theological & Ministerial Studies High Poor N/A
Theology & Religious Vocations (Other) Low N/AN/A

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